The 24th World Outlook Conference, June 8-9, 2015

Session 6: Accounting for structural change and environment in market models.
"Constraints on water in market projections", presented by Siwa Msangi

Session 7: Other challenges for modelling markets and policies
AGMIP: latest developments, presented by Keith Wiebe

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GFSF Extended Team Meeting, May 2015

Welcome and Overview

IMPACT 3.2: Improvements and Updates

IMPACT 3 Model system: Modularity

Update on Fish Module

Update on Livestock Module

Center Progress reports

    1. AfricaRice – presented foresight work done for AfricaRice’s 2011-2020 strategic plan
    2. Bioversity – multi-scale analysis of sustainable production and ecosystem services
    3. CIAT –  working on priority-setting for beans and rice, also DSSAT model for cassava
    4. CIFOR – local-to-national-scale qualitative foresight work, especially on oil palm
    5. CIMMYT – calibrating baseline data, interest in CGE modeling, also pests and diseases
    6. CIP – reviewing previous priority setting results, improving sweet potato in IMPACT
    7. ICARDA – focus on wheat management practices, interaction with national partners
    8. ICRAF – building a large area crop model for use with IMPACT
    9. ICRISAT – contributions to DC and GL CRPs, working on data disaggregation for millets
    10. IFPRI – working on multiple model improvements, IPRs, web data visualization tool
    11. IITA –  evaluation of promising cowpea and soybean technologies in sub-Saharan Africa
    12. ILRI – working with IFPRI on new livestock module for IMPACT
    13. IRRI – modeling C4 rice, data on rice extent and cropping calendar
    14. IWMI 1 | IWMI 2– working on groundwater module for IMPACT, global and country scenarios
    15. WorldFish – planning Fish to 2050, also using Asia Fish model to run country scenarios


Strategic Foresight Conference, November 2014

Please see presentations from the conference here.


Core Training Presentations

1Climate Science and IPCC Scenarios
2. Models and Model History
3. Estimating an Ag Database using CE Methods
4. Introduction to Scenario Analysis
5. IMPACT - Overview
6. IMPACT Data-Model Philosophy
7. Welfare, Benefit-Cost Analysis
8. Introduction to IMPACT Economics
9. IMPACT Malnutrition Module