IFPRI’s IMPACT team attends the 24th World Outlook Conference, June 8-9, 2015, Washington D.C.

By Tim Sulser (IFPRI) Every year the GFSF team reconnects with colleagues from a variety of global institutions working in the quantitative foresight modelling arena at the World Outlook Conference. The (24th annual!) meeting this year was held in Washington DC at the offices of the Economic Research Service of the USDA in early June. Please see >> Read more

Mapping the Crop of the Future – IRRI featured in Rice Today

By 2035, the world will require more than 100 million tons of additional rice when the population surpasses 8.5 billion. To meet this global demand, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), through the International C4 Rice Consortium and as part of the Global Futures and Strategic Foresight program, is developing C4 rice, a new kind >> Read more